David C. Farmer, Successor-Trustee vs. Harmon

(Formerly Woo vs. Harmon & Nicholson vs. Harmon)

CV05-00030 DAE KSC

U.S. District Court For the District of Hawaii

Judges: David A. Ezra; Kevin S. Chang




According to Mr. Haas, he “is the 100% owner of Collateral Logistics, Inc. (CLI) which is the Court approved liquidation company by Federal Order in eToys. They were going to sell all of eToys assets for $3 to $5 million and I helped get the same assets to $20 million which helped put over $45 million in the cash reserves of eToys.

“I was offered a bribe of $750,000 and said no -- I was unwilling to become part of the good ole boys club in Bankruptcy in Wilmington DE.”

In his sworn statements, Laser Haas has alleged that Goldman Sachs, the courts, and others have conspired to bilk millions of dollars from stockholders and others through illegal manipulations of the estate assets in the bankruptcy of eToys.

Laser Hass is expected to help corroborate Defendant’s testimony regarding the conspiracies between Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate, Goldman Sachs, and others, to defraud the Estate of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, investors, and taxpayers out of millions of dollars.

Laser Hass is also expected to testify regarding his business, professional, and personal relationships with Barry Gold, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Robertson Stevens, Henry Paulson, and others to be named upon discovery.

* * *

NEW DISCOVERY (04-02-08):

Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008

From: wikileaks@wikileaks.org

To: bobby_n_harmon@yahoo.com

Subject: Enough HARMON. You are alienating everyone.


Jesus. Give it a rest. You must have alienated half the media industry now with these constant spams.

~ ~ ~

Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008

From: "Laser Steven Haas" <laserhaas@msn.com>

To: "Wikileaks" <wikileaks@wikileaks.org>, "Bobby Harmon" <bobby_n_harmon@yahoo.com>

CC: "David Farmer" <farmerd001@hawaii.rr.com>, "Michael Dowling" <hib@hib.uscourts.gov>, "James Cribley" <jcribley@caselombardi.com>, "Lawrence Goya" <hawaiiag@hawaii.gov>, "Pension Benefit Guaranty Association" <participant.pro@pbgc.gov>, "Robert Bruce Graham" <atty@awlaw.com>, "Michael Mukasey" <askdoj@usdoj.gov>, "Curtis Ching" <ustp.region15@usdoj.gov>, "Steven Guttman" <sguttman@kdubm.com>, "Hugh Jones" <hugh.r.jones@hawaii.gov>, "Linda Lingle" <governor.lingle@hawaii.gov>, "James B Nicholson" <jamesbnicholson@aol.com>, "Executive Office for U.S. Trustees" <ustrustee.program@usdoj.gov>, "David A. Ezra" <theresa_lam@hid.uscourts.gov>, "Kevin S.C. Chang" <shari_afuso@hid.uscourts.gov>, "Barry M. Kurren" <richlyn_young@hid.uscourts.gov>, "Office of Inspector General US Dept of Justice" <oig.hotline@usdoj.gov>, "George Will" <georgewill@washpost.com>, "Haunani Apoliona" <info@oha.org>, "Michael Marsh" <mmarsh@caselombardi.com>, "Leroy Colombe" <lcolombe@ckdbw.com>, "Scott Helman" <shelman@globe.com>, "Bob Nichols" <bob.bobnichols@gmail.com>, "Laura Thielen" <dlnr@hawaii.gov>, "Barry Taniguchi" <communications@hcf-hawaii.org>, "Paul Achitoff" <honoluluoffice@earthjustice.org>, "Tom Winter" <editors@humaneventsonline.com>, "Laurie Bennett" <info@muckety.com>, "Nathan Aipa" <nathan@pitluck.com>, "Dave Shapiro" <volcanicash@gmail.com>, "Nancy Pelosi" <dccc@dccc.org>, "Nico Pitney" <pitney@huffingtonpost.com>, "Editor Los Angeles Times" <metrodesk@latimes.com>, "Al Martin" <info@insiderintelligence.com>, "Gail Kim-Moe" <gkim.moe@gmail.com>, "Matt Tsukazaki" <mat@torkildson.com>, "Marshall Chriswell" <mc@whistleblowers.org>, "Greg Palast" <palast@gregpalast.com>, "Henk Ruyssenaars" <fpf@chello.nl>, "Dee Jay Mailer" <ksinfo@ksbe.edu>, "Wikileaks" <wikileaks@sunshinepress.org>, "Michael Moore" <mike@michaelmoore.com>, "Patrick Leahy" <senator_leahy@leahy.senate.gov>, "Pamela A. McCullough" <honolulu@fbi.gov>, "Rodney Stich" <stich@unfriendlyskies.com>, "jail4judges" <victoryusa@jail4judges.org>, "James Duke Aiona" <ltgov@hawaii.gov>, "Jeffrey S. Portnoy" <jportnoy@hsba.org>, "Malia Zimmerman" <malia@hawaiireporter.com>, "Ken Conklin" <ken_conklin@yahoo.com>, "William H. Donaldson" <enforcement@sec.gov>, "Ian Lind" <diary@ilind.net>, "Jim Terrack" <tnthawaii@aol.com>, "Andrew Walden" <hfpeditor@email.com>, "All Senators" <sens@capitol.hawaii.gov>, "All Representatives" <reps@capitol.hawaii.gov>, "Thomas Fitton" <info@judicialwatch.org>, "Na Kumu Book Project" <nakumu@ksbe.edu>, "Stew Webb" <stewwebb@stewwebb.com>, "Judson Witham" <jurisnot@yahoo.com>, "J C Shannon" <hapa1234@aol.com>, "Jeff Biener" <jeffandmary@ozarkopathy.org>, "V K Durham" <vkdtdht@pionet.net>, "Eric Shine" <civilrights911@socal.rr.com>, "Richard Grove" <richard@8thestate.com>, "Bradley Tamm" <btamm@hawaii.rr.com>, "Susan Tius" <stius@rmhawaii.com>, "Paul Alston" <palston@ahfi.com>, "John Goemans" <wip@kamuela.com>, "Roy F. Hughes" <hthughes@hawaii.rr.com>, "James B. Farris" <farrisj@adr.org>, "William K Slate" <websitemail@adr.org>, "Lissa Andrews" <landrews@rmhawaii.com>, "John D. Finnegan" <info@chubb.com>, "Terry Mullen" <tmullen@johnmullen.com>, "Margery Bronster" <info@bchlaw.net>, "Michael N. Tanoue" <mtanoue@paclawgroup.com>, "Neil Ambercrombie" <neil.abercrombie@mail.house.gov>, "Lyn Flanigan Anzai" <lflanigan@hsba.org>, "Lorraine Inouye" <seninouye@capitol.hawaii.gov>, "Samuel P. King" <leslie_sai@hid.uscourts.gov>, "Arthur Rath" <imua@spamarrest.com>, "Randall Roth" <rroth@hawaii.edu>, "Rick Daysog" <rdaysog@honoluluadvertiser.com>, "Jim Dooley" <jdooley@honoluluadvertiser.com>, "Robin Campaniano" <aigh001@aighawaii.com>, "Blossom Tong" <blossom.d.tong@marsh.com>, "Duane Miyashiro" <drm-1@carlsmith.com>, "Sammye Richardson" <sammyerichardson@yahoo.com>, "Daniel Hopsicker" <madcownews@gmail.com>, "Carole Williams" <cjwms@up.net>, "CND 48 Hours" <48hours@cbsnews.com>, "Truth" <truth@grandecom.net>

Subject: RE: Dear Wikileaks

Dear Wikileaks;

While I have also asked, at times, for Harmon, JAIL and JW to calm it down at times, To stay away from bold emails, over use of coloring etc. The fact remains, Harmon, Judson, JAIL, Mark Adams, Bankruptcy Misconduct,
www.craig-morford.com, www.fraudonthecourt.blogspot.com , www.realcorporatecitizens.com and others, including the http://fraud-corruption-mnat.townhall.com/default.aspx

All of them deal with a central issue, that the
Dept of Justice is acting more like a movie-esque criminal attorney that is protecting organized criminal activity, than being true to their Oath of Office in defense of the Constitution.

What you, Mr Wikileaks, have given evidence to, is that you will spend more energy on an effort to shut down a patriot who has laid himself on the alter of freedom, at great risk. Than to do something that amounts to any act of being True Red White and Blue.

The result is however, that your email is a "reaction". As such Mr. Harmon's efforts are getting to you in one way or another.

The Court, for his being diligent about the corruption and fraud, has sanctioned him $500,000 with a note on interest per day until it is paid. In the S TX Bankruptcy of Stage Stores (S TX 00-35078) Dov Avni was treated in a similar fashion with a $380,000 sanction and the US Marshall's sent after him repeatedly, even after the case was closed.

What I would suggest, being that deleting emails of Harmon, seems burdensome, is to effort a page for Mr. Harmon as a deal with him to tone down and focus. For he is enraged that the corruptive measures the court has utilized included the Federal Order to shut down his website. Or would you dare be so hypocritical as to say that arbitrary and capricious rulings to shut down free speech and web sites "ad hoc" really does not matter to Wiki?

As of now, the
Wall Street Journal has ordered their reporters to stay away from the eToys case. The WSJ Law BLOG actually has filters where my postings are removed, even when I do not mention eToys and go to a Kinko's or library to post a remark, such as today, on their issue of torture. The virus mentallity of silencing the true is becoming profusely standard.

The fact remains the campaign of
www.craig-morford.com has been successful, one way or another, Morford has now stepped down. The campaign of websites such as www.realcorporatecitizens.com was successful (partially) as Romney is no longer running and a "qui tam" lawsuit was filed about the fraud of Sodexho Marriott. The website of www.bankruptcymisconduct.com was hacked repeatedly and the owner thereof is now placing his items upon blogs instead, while www.fraudonthecourt.blogspot.com has brought us the wonderful information about a Federal Judge calling the US Trustee's office a "pack of dogs" while an attorney for the Dept of Justice stated that Director Friedman and White did very little to promote the integrity of the Dept of Justice EOUST office.

The fact also remains, while many people, including your entity Wiki .... has gone to great lengths to silence the truth about eToys, due either to apathy, indifference, disdain or what have you --

The following items have occurred because the Truth is a sword mightier than all the disdain you can muster against those who try to carry the sword of Truth in search of someone who Does Care.

1. Lawrence Friedman replaced the Region 3 Trustee on Dec 22 2004 (the day of our Emergency hearing on fraud and perjury)

2. The Asst US Trustee Frank Perch along with Lawrence Friedman stated they would address the eToys $300 million in fraud and 34 acts of perjury as the Motion to Disgorge TBF law firm demonstrated was true.

3. Then the US Attorney for the new Region 3 Trustee gave implied blanket immunity to the felonies.

4. Then the Dept of Justice acted as attorney for the felons when we found another $100 million in fraud in KB bankruptcy case. The DOJ successfully had us stricken and expunged.

5. The Frank Perch and Lawrence Friedman resigned.

6. Then the WSJ publishes the story on July 25 2005

7. The Court warned me not to go public with the information and the TBF law firm sent me a threat through my very own attorney, who was so arrogant in his power center he Emailed me the threat to "back off" or not only would I not be paid. Much worse would occur, including the career would suffer. (now I am an indigent).

8. The eToys shareholders Robert Alber and his group that smelled a rat from the beginning as eToys went Public in 1999 for $8 billion and was broke just one year later, as the Federal Court gave PERMISSION to destroy Books n Records, that the TRUSTEE did not object to (despite his Oath of Office). The parties sent a Johann Hamerski after MR. Alber in Arizona who caused a retired, handi-cap person to be hauled into court in CA, Arizona and Alaska on criminal items, where the MNAT law firm was secretly participating. While every time Alber had a deadline in eToys appeals or hearings Hamerski would innundate Alber with a 1000 pages of Emergency response items.

9. Now Alber has had mental and physical breakdowns, they have succeeded in breaking his will, where he endured brain surgery and is now so depressed he will not get out of bed as his girl friend is also enduring chemo treatments.

10. Hamerski told Alber people like him who does not take bribes wakes up dead. Hamerski boasted of his ties to
Abramoff and when Alber found out that Hamerski's only reported income was a charity and called Alaska about how the charity had made no reports in 30 years, the Governor of Alaska gave Hamerski's charity a grant the next week for the Alleutin Islands.

11. Myself, I discovered that US Attorney, Colm F Connolly was a partner with the MNAT law firm that the Dept of Justice is using taxpayer dollars, being treasonous to their Oath of Office, by defending MNAT law firm. Of the many threats and demise warnings I rec'd, the latest one was, "if you keep chasing ghosts you will become one".

12. The 3rd Circuit Federal Court actually issued a per curiam Opinion that said the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure does not apply to our case.

13. The Federal Court issued a 57 page Opinion that vindicates the confessed acts of 34 false affidavits and on the stand testimony confessions of Fraud on the Court, where the Court simply states no perjury was documented, despite the confessions and the Court refused to Notify the US Attorney's office, despite the law of 18 USC 3057(a).

14. The Hutchins Wheeler, Kronish Lieb and Traub Bonacquist & Fox (TBF) law firms are now all defunct.

15. Judge Kent A Jordan was mysteriously promoted to the 3rd Circuit a few weeks after he informed all the attorney's he was deeply intent on reviewing their apparent acts.

Eliot Spitzer as AG refused to investigate TBF , even thought TBF was Revoked in the State of NY while taking on cases.

17. When Judge in the NY Supreme CT case (Horowitz) demonstrated she was looking into the false statements of TBF, Spitzer as Gov promoted her off the case (NY Supreme Ct 601805/2002)

18. Kay Seiverding. Judge Nottingham in Colorado throws her in Jail and sanctions her $100,000 for her daring to criticize the ABA.

19. Judge Nottingham and Gov Spitzer are both under scrutiny for prostitution Rings.

The Organized Criminal activity that can shut down websites, throw parties in jail, sanction people hundreds of thousands at whim, while the Wilmington Journal, L A Times and Wall Street Journal all
ignore the issues, that affected the Enron, Kmart, Stage Stores, Bishops, eToys, KB, Levitz, Baron's, Finova and many more cases, that are all connected to the same parties who obviously have the power of imprimatur from Washington DC with the clout to do what ever they can being seditious to their Oath's to defend the Constitution.

Where American citizens obviously cannot go to the
Dept of Justice. All they can do is speak the Truth, to those that want to hear. An arduous task at the barest of minimums, but a noble task.

Yet you, Wiki, whose entity boast of free speech, internet reign and realm. Who enjoys the very freedom that the Courts are denying us.

Wiki, who has also purged statements from its sites concerning the truth.

Now you seek to go one step further by engaging in your own act of clout (imprimatur) as you bark and yell at the wounded dogs who are so lowly before you, having only the one hope

The ability to make an effort to speak the Truth and hope some noble person of clout and influence will hear the calling and effort to halt the worst kind of manifest injustice. Where those that we pay to defend are abusing that esteemed level of trust to seek and destroy.

It is obvious that you are not the patriotic, concerned, citizen we seek.

Upon their success of my total demise, I do not know what will frustrate me more, the fact that they have ultimately gotten away with stealing billions from people so easily.

Or the fact that the apathetic horde would rather allow them the ability to get away with such, rather than take the time to delete an email (or read one) that brings the message of Truth.

The Stealish are coming, the Stealish are coming!

And instead of arming yourself, you are closing your shutters and doors.

Your shame now being readily apparent to ALL!


Laser S Haas

* * *


"Laser Steven Haas" <laserhaas@msn.com>


History of one tied to everything


Wed, 02 May 2007 00:42:20 -0700

It was remarked to me today that this is like a movie of long gone Watergate days.

The person half joked, half scoffed at all the investigations going on that have a connection to this case.

Phone calls were initiated to certain legal bodies about the fact that a party claiming Charity status has never filed any reports in 30 years.

The next follow up call to that person received a message that Johann now had a Multi Million grant from the Governor and his daughter, who was appointed Senator in Alaska upon the "death" of the other Senator.

At the same time an event occurred in the Alber case in AZ, as he was asking the Court to address Perjury issues in a case where those connected to Young, Abramoff, MNAT, Barry Gold and BAIN who was attacking Alber by hauling him into Court, it was discovered that Alber was accussed of practicing without a license and being a Contractor case, that Alber's, pro bono, court appointed attorney, had 6 Asst Attorney's

When Alber thought he was going to be on trial and his adversary was going to put him through the ring of pain,, instead the group of "unidentified" legal counsels turned a 20 minute Court room hearing into a 2 day inquiry and questioning of Johann Hamerski.

Now those that scoffed today, also scoffed when Alber said Johann had bragged about how his contracting ability gave "them" the ability to handled bribes (Johann had offered to bribe Alber to back off of the eToys deal also threatening him if he said no)

The way bribes are handled is through gov grants and loans with easy real estate funding guarantee's, so it does not cost the bribing party any money, you help guarantee loans occur and make sure the R E asset performs.

Johann was partners with one such entity as a contractor in Jupiter Florida (significant).

Now you have to remember that Johann and his sister are connected to the Fed Bank.

Johann is connected to BAIN (Bain /Mitt even gave a donation to his daughters Floral Queen crowning)

Traub and Michael Fox are on record for being sued about their annual box seats for football games for the benefit of ? in Florida.

Ed Hamer is partners in contracting on the buildings etc, in Florida.

Johann partner 1 year has 1 house, the next year he has 9 and 2 Apt complexs,, with some funded by an entity 8 miles from Barry Gold's house in Wexford Penn.

Traub works for Adelphia BK case, who is reported to have nearly a billion in Loans hidden in RE in Florida

Traub is reappointed as Special Counsel in Adelphia due to conflict with Silver Point Capital who Traub also represents

Silver Point Capital is founded by Ward M of Gordon Brothers, Fleet Retail Finance that is now Bank of America.

Hamer also has ties to O Park Kansas.

Madison that acquired the claims in Adelphia transactions and in eToys was founded by the original founder of BAIN

BAIN owned KB Toys

Madisons home offices are O Park Kansas.

Silver Point was also founded by Michael Gatto of Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is being sued by eToys for $ 300 million because eToys received less than $17 per share when it went public even when the stock went to $80 per share.

Paul Traub hand picked the counsels to handle the eToys Goldman Sachs issue.

Barry Gold, Traub and Morris Nichols all have connections to Goldman Sachs.

We now also know by a "faux pas" that David Gatto of eToys was employed by BAIN.

BAIN affiliates owned STAGE Stores while Barry Gold and Paul Traub worked for them before coming to eToys.

Morris Nichols handled the Goldman Sachs issues in Finova.

Morris Nichols handled the merger of Learning Company, a BAIN affiliated partners entity, with Mattel Toys.

You must also not forget how Alaska was the listed "Interim Trustee" in the KB Toys case, until we asked the Clerk and Trustee how and why.

The next day the Interim Trustee docket item was REMOVED.

Now those that Alber had told about Johann being connected to the Senator of Alaska, Abramoff and Charity grants to do studies of Islands far away are somewhat perplexed.

Wonder why...

Look at Don Young and the indictments.

Remember that Anchorage was interim Trustee.

Remember, that all things connect to Jupiter Florida.

Then you now know of the fact that eToys has come full circle and is now a public entity again.

Based in Jupiter Florida with Baby Universe.com as a NASDQ company of POSH, at $8 per share currently.

The original eToys shareholders, like the original STAGE Stores, the original Kmart shareholders and Enron shareholders all received zilch nada nothing.

Who was there, at each one TRAUB Bonacquist & Fox.

Question is, how many of those connected to all this had stock interest and when did they buy and sell?

This is just the tip of all we know.

Movie...will never happen.

No ONE would ever watch a movie and believe anyone could do all of this.

But they did!...

By the way these guys attacked Alber and I for being anti-Semitic.

The number one political maneuver is to demonize your opponent.

As anyone that knows me, knows that ever since I found out the possibility that I might have Yiddish heritage as a part of me, I have endeavored working and giving to Chabad and others from day one that I learned and try to learn more of me and the heritage every day.

The persons making the accusations, that have that donation for the parade Queen, we just happen to have found his Local Press Picture where he is in the parade, with his daugher in her Queen array, sitting in a VW German Army vehicle with himself having a German WWII hat upon his head.

We only ask that the parties pay attention to the facts, not hyperbole.

We are risking ourselves to protect YOUR rights as a citizen to be free from Corruption!

We are here being assaulted, ridiculed and destroyed because we refused to benefit from their offers to corrupt.

All you have to do is pay attention to the wrongs that have occurred, the many million-to- one shots they have made happen to "cover up" the affair and ask...

"Cui bono"?

Laser S Haas

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