Office of The United States Trustee vs. Harmon

(Formerly Woo vs. Harmon)

CV05-00030 DAE KSC

U.S. District Court For the District of Hawaii

Judges: David A. Ezra; Kevin S. Chang

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Vice-President and Asst. Corporate Secretary at Outrigger Hotels; Board Member of Hawaii Nature Conservancy since 1985; Director, Red Cross of Hawaii; on the boards of C. Brewer and Co., the Honolulu Academy of Arts, the Pacific Asian Affairs Council, and Chaminade University; appointed by Chief Justice Ronald Moon as a member to the Disciplinary Board of the Hawaii Supreme Court in 1999; appointed by Governor Linda Lingle to the East-West Center Board of Governors; Regent, Chaminade University. Ms. Rolles also works with the Honolulu Boys Choir, Family Business Center at the University of Hawaii, and the Governor’s Committee on a Beautiful Hawaii.

Address to be determined.

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NEW DISCOVERY (01-08-09): More undisclosed financial, professional, political and personal conflicts of interest between David C. Farmer, Kamehameha Schools, Bishop Museum, Diane Plotts, Kirk Belsby, Chaminade University, Jean Rolles, Judge Patrick Yim, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Haunani Apoliona, Oswald Stender, Al Hee, Clayton Hee, The Nature Conservancy, Faye Kurren, Bank of Honolulu, Sukamto Sia, Bob Awana, Linda Lingle, Susan Todani, Ben Cayetano, John Waihee, Peter Apo, etc:

Subject: CV05-00030 - David C. Farmer vs. Harmon - Exhibit: "Honolulu awaits 'heritage area' status" - Honolulu Advertiser & Witness David Farmer

Thursday, January 8, 2009 7:53 AM

From: "" <>

To: "David Farmer" <>, "Steven Guttman" <>, "Carol K. Muranaka" <>, "Michael Mukasey" <>, "David A. Ezra" <>, "Enforcement Division SEC" <>

Cc: "ACLU Hawaii" <>, "All Representatives" <>, "All Senators" <>, "Andrew Walden" <>, "Aon Insurance Managers" <>, "Arthur Rath" <>, "Barry M. Kurren" <>, "Benjamin Kudo" <>, "Bradley Tamm" <>, "Carl Morton" <>, "Charles Goodwin" <HONOLULU@FBI.GOV>, "Charles Hurd" <>, "Dave Shapiro" <>, "Dee Jay Mailer" <>, "Dorothy Sellers" <>, "Executive Office for U.S. Trustees" <>, "Hugh Jones" <>, "Insurance Division Fraud Branch" <>, "J C Shannon" <>, "James B Nicholson" <>, "James B. Farris" <>, "James Cribley" <>, "James Paul" <>, "James Wriston" <>, "Jeffrey Watanabe" <>, "Jim Dooley" <>, "Jo Ann Uchida" <>, "Joe Moore" <>, "John D. Finnegan" <>, "John Goemans" <>, "Judge Lloyd King" <>, "Judith Neustadter" <>, "Judson Witham" <>, "Ken Conklin" <>, "Kenneth Hipp" <>, "Kevin S.C. Chang" <>, "Lawrence Reifurth" <>, "Linda Lingle" <>, "Lyn Flanigan Anzai" <>, "Margery Bronster" <>, "Marsh Affinity Group" <>, "Michael N. Tanoue" <>, "Michelle Tucker" <>, "Nathan Aipa" <>, "Office of Inspector General Civil Rights Complaints" <>, "Office of the U.S. Trustee District of Hawaii" <ustp.region15@usdoj.goV>, "Paul Alston" <>, "Randall Roth" <>, "Rick Daysog" <>, "Robert Bruce Graham" <>, "Robin Campaniano" <>, "Samuel P. King" <>, "Susan Tius" <>, "V K Durham" <>, "William K Slate" <>, "Jim Terrack" <>, "Don Michak" <>, "Rocco Sansone" <>, "Ted Pettit" <>, "Mark Burch" <>, "Laura Thielen" <>, "Vaughn & Lynda Robinson" <>, "Peter Apo" <>, "Rebecca Christie" <>, "Catbird" <>, "Mike Harmon" <>, "Tom Flocco" <>, "Real News" <>


Dear Mr. Farmer; Mr. Guttman; Ms. Muranaka; Attorney General Mukasey, and All Concerned:

This is to inform you that I am adding the subject news article as a new Exhibit, as it provides clear factual evidence that David C. Farmer had undisclosed financial, political and personal conflicts of interest with other parties who are directly connected with this case . You will find further factual evidence on-line at:

Please advise me immediately if this Exhibit contains any "PROTECTED SUBJECT MATTER" which is prohibited by ORDER of Judge David A. Ezra.

Although I believe that Judge Ezra's Order constitutes a prior restraint of my FREEDOM OF SPEECH, if you and Judge Ezra would like to put an end to this unconstitutional approval process, then I would again suggest that we, and our respective insurance carriers (including Chubb Group, XL Insurance, and Island Insurance Co. ) make a good-faith effort to reach a global settlement of this case through confidential negotiation or mediation.

If you and your insurance carriers are NOT willing to attempt to negotiate or mediate a settlement, however, then I ask that, in light of all the new facts presented in these Exhibits and witness descriptions, you advise me whether or not you intend to OBJECT to my filing a Motion to reopen this case.

Your immediate reply is requested. If I do not receive a response from you within 15 days, I will assume that you have found no "prohibited subject matter" in these updated pages, and that you will NOT file any objections to my Motion to reopen this case.

Very truly yours,

Bobby N. Harmon, CPCU, ARM



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This witness is expected to testify regarding her business, professional, personal and political relationships with Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate, Dee Jay Mailer, Art Woolaway, Patty Woolaway, C. Brewer & Co., Robert Katz, Esq. (Torkildson Katz Fonseca...), Peter Savio, Judge Barry Kurren, Faye Kurren, The Nature Conservancy, Lawrence M. Johnson, Bank of Hawaii, Gale Norton, Suzanne Case, Steve Case, Hawaii Superferry, Ed Case, Jeffrey Case, Duncan MacNaughton, University of Hawaii Foundation, Robin Campaniano, Chaminade University, Red Cross of Hawaii, Warren K.K. Luke, Steve Goodenow, Evan Dobelle, Guido Giacometti, Susan Tius, Douglas Crosier, Esq. (Rush Moore...), Lynn Higashi (Cades Schutte...), Judge Ronald Moon, State of Hawaii Disciplinary Review Board, Outrigger Enterprises, Clyde Mark (former Risk Manager, Outrigger Hotels, and former President, P&C Insurance Co. ), Maui County Council, Donna Leong, Cades Schutte LLLP, Paul Alston, Judith Neustadter Fuqua, Peter Young, Edwina Clarke, Karen Knudson, East-West Center, Henry Kissinger, George Ariyoshi, Pacific Disaster Center (Maui), Linda Lingle, Lyn Anzai, Earl Anzai, Jack Abramoff, Karl Rove, David Carey, Daniel Case, and others to be named upon discovery.

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